June 26, 2016


Happy birthday little one!

Oh the blessing I received on this day! At 4:00 a.m. June 26, 2016 I became an aunt to a beautiful little girl who weighed 7 pounds 11 ounces and was 20 inches long! I wish more than anything that I could have been there in person. My big sister is my best friend and we have been right there for each other for everything and it kills me at times like this that I live 1,317 miles away.


My view of the nursery.

Thank goodness for the internet and family who were willing to Skype with me so I could be apart of it all. At one point during it all I was sitting in the windowsill of the nursery as I waited for her precious self to make her way into the world.IMG_1466

I can not even begin to explain the overwhelming joy I felt when I saw her Daddy walk out into the hallway and into the nursery with her in his arms. I also became instantly jealous of everyone that was there that would get to hold her and love on her multiple times before I would even have the chance to meet her. Then again I was also thankful I could watch it all happen on my computer screen from the comfort of my bed, unlike everyone who waited several hours in stiff chairs in the hospital waiting room.

She was nearly a month old when I finally got to meet her and hold her in my arms. I had to fight back the tears when my sister placed her in my arms.


Even when she goes cross-eyed she is still adorable.

If I reacted that way to meeting my niece I can only imagine that I will probably cry like a big baby when I finally get to hold my own child in a couple of weeks. The next baby my sister has I fully intend on being there the whole time photographing it every step of the way (decent photographs of course, nothing x-rated). I enjoyed the time I got to spend with all of my family and especially the newest member and I can not wait until I can hold her and love on her again. Until then I will just have to watch her grow through pictures and videos. Hopefully she will not forget me. I do not think that is possible seeing as I am pretty sure I am her favorite aunt!


That smile says it all.


2 thoughts on “June 26, 2016

  1. Its good to see you writing on your blog again….I cannot seem to keep at it….Ginger had her back surgery on the 26th of July and so I was with her several hours every day for the next week…she did great and is back at work part time starting Wednesday this week….I did two posts this week….I’m so glad I got to see you while you were home and wait anxiously for your little ones arrival….love you bunches.
    Mama Bear

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