The Family I Found!

bubba ritos

For the past three years I have been working at a place called Bubba Ritos. Bubba Ritos is a southwestern restaurant similar to that of a Moe’s or Chipotle, only way better in my book. Bubba Ritos was my first job and I started work there right after I graduated from high school. I have just 24 more days before I leave the place I have spent the last three years.

I have just 24 more days before I have to say goodbye to the family I have made there (I got married and I am moving several states away) and it’s going to be hard.

Since I have started keeping a countdown of how many days I have left on the dry erase board in the office, I’ve been thinking of what I wanted to say to everyone and thought I would make it easy and put it here so everyone can read.

When I first started this job I had no idea it would be all that it has been to me. I mean when I started it I didn’t even want to work at the location I was placed at and I certainly did not think I would be there for three years. This place is my second home and the people that work there my second family. I see them way more than I see my own home and my own family. There has even been times when I had preferred to be there than anywhere else. I am good at my job and I love doing it, but those happy feelings for my place of work have not always been there. Trust me there have been on more than one occasion where I have wanted to quit and times where I would have rather wrote a blog about all the negative things.

The truth is I am thankful beyond words for the family I made and the job I was given. I would like to thank everyone for putting up with me on my really bad days. Thank you guys for letting me rant to you about my personal life. Thank you for letting me cry way more than one should at their job. Thank you guys for all of your advice, love, friendships, criticisms, patience, adventures and support.

Dylan and Delieta, where do I even begin! Thank you, thank you, thank you! This isn’t a goodbye because I know I will see y’all again and who knows I might never stop working for you guys (I have some ideas I need to share). Thank you for believing in me enough to be a manager and thank you for trusting me. Thank you for not giving up on me after my first night of work! Thank you both for letting me voice my opinions even when I didn’t agree with the choices y’all were making. Thank you for not firing me after that night I argued with y’all rather loudly. Thank you Dylan for the relationship advice that I will never forget, you said “You have to run your life like a business. If someone is dragging you down, you have to cut them lose”. Thank you Delieta for being you. I am so grateful and can’t thank y’all enough for everything y’all have given me. I love you both and I am glad I get to call y’all friends.

I have been lucky enough to make a few significant relationships with some fellow co-workers. Ms.Anita, God truly blessed me with you! I found a grandmother in you and I will forever love you just like one. Prepare for many phone calls from me in the future, because there is no way I could ever tell you good bye! Alydia and Heaven, you are both my sisters at heart! Alydia you are my soul mate, my best friend and my twin and to think I haven’t even known you that long. I feel like I have known you my whole life though. Heaven you are beyond amazingly talented and a friend that I cherish. Anytime I come home to visit be prepared to do my hair! We share many many memories and I plan on continuing that. Leila, thank you for always laughing at my singing and for all your amazing goodies! I have more to thank you for, but not enough room for it here.

This is getting really long. Everyone else be prepared for really long mussy Christmas cards.

I have been lucky to have friendships with not only past and present co-workers, but guests too. To all the loyal guests that have been coming in since my first day and the ones since then, you know who you are. It saddens me to have to tell you guys goodbye and to some of you, I hope we stay in contact. I love seeing you guys walk in! Some of you have cheered me up on my worst of days. I am truly going to miss seeing all of your smiling faces every day/week. You all mean more to me than you realize.

Leaving the only place I have worked is scary and sad. I do know that where ever I go from here I will forever have a family supporting me every step of the way!





3 thoughts on “The Family I Found!

  1. Jodie you are one of the sweetest young ladies I have had the pleasure in meeting in my life. You have grown up so much since your first day at Bubba Ritos . Reading all this made me want to cry. I am so happy for you and hope your life ends up as happy for you as you dream about. I will miss your big smile and that ever so famous guitar solo you do so well. Promise to see me sometime when you come home or just don’t go. Enjoy every minute of your new life! Leila


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